Brenda Friesen, Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin)Manual Therapist (5th Yr. Student of Osteopathy)

Being fortunate to grow up in northern B.C. influenced my love for nature with the idea that healthy lifestyles involve enjoying and appreciating it! Studying Osteopathy has similarly brought to light the parallels between nature and the incredible ‘ecology’ of the human body!  

I completed my Bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary while continuing a 20-year passion of competitive speed skating. A decade of coaching youth, in combination with overcoming repeated sports injuries, naturally pointed to a career in rehabilitative strength training. I gained an additional 10 years of experience in Toronto where I became a Registered Kinesiologist. I appreciated learning from a diverse clientele while assisting them to attain their goals. The curiosity for a collaborative approach to health guided to my commitment to the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto, where I have since transferred to complete my final years of education out west. Following my 5th year of study, I will look forward to an individual exploration of Osteopathy in form of a thesis for graduation.  

Along this path, I have taken continuing education to broaden my anatomical, biomechanical and physiological knowledge. Influential courses taught by recognized professionals in chiropractic and osteopathy included lower spine rehabilitation, functional capacity evaluation, and fasciae systems. To complement manual therapy skills, I am in the process of exploring Polarity Therapy, which is a modality generated by an osteopath, chiropractor and naturopath to explore subtle energies of the body. The paediatric curriculum in Osteopathy inspired me to learn more about retained primitive reflexes and integration with rhythmic movements designed to influence brain function. The pursuit to continually explore a variety of modalities supports my holistic and collaborative healthcare approach. I am grateful for the knowledge experienced out east, and enthusiastic to share and discover more in the west!  

To balance time required for studies, I make sure to enjoy the outdoors with my husband and adopted french bulldog in this paradise! With many options to play in nature it’s challenging to choose, but top choices are snowboarding and mountain biking, while enjoying the sanctuaries of the lake and the garden. I look forward to assisting others with their health goals to be able to enjoy the lifestyle of the Okanagan as much as I do!

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